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Damien Roué

Producer for La Légumière in Plougoulm

Magali Danielou

Producer for La Légumière in Cléder

Claude Seité

Producer for La Légumière in Saint Pol de léon

Laurent, Ronan and Frédéric Méar

Producers for La Légumière

Breton vegetables 100% freshness, 100% quality

With Breton producers, in the service of quality

Based in Cléder and accompanied by some fifteen local producers with whom it has had a long-standing partnership, La Légumière produces and markets seasonal Breton vegetables that meet strict specifications in terms of production quality and preservation.


Reviving forgotten Breton vegetables with passion

It was in 1974 that the adventure begins. Michel and Marie-O LE BORGNE, set up as farmers. They produce about 50 tons of shallots.

From 1981
they started direct sales and set up a range of “Forgotten vegetables” which gave a new impetus to the company. These vegetables are still very little known.

Then, in 1993
they created the SARL LA LEGUMIERE in order to develop the trading activity. They built a first building of 2500 m2. The company then had 4 employees.

Since 2004
the implementation of an HACCP approach allows to justify the care taken in terms of sanitary safety of the different vegetables. In 2005, they obtained the certification for the packaging of products from organic agriculture.

In 2009
the EARL LBP (now SAS) is created for the vegetable growing part. The involvement in an approach of respect for the environment allows us to obtain the GLOBALGAP option 1 certification in 2009. That same year, the construction of a building dedicated to the cutting and grading of shallots and onions of 2,000 m2 with cold rooms allows the company to control the entire production chain for these products, which remain the company’s flagship products.

In 2009, Roscoff onions
Roscoff onions obtain an AOC. From then on, the company, located in the heart of the certified territory, participates in the development of this range.

In 2011
In 2011, 2000m2 of additional buildings were built, including an additional large cold room.

In 2014,
the family adventure continues.
The management of the company is entrusted to Julien Le Borgne, the son.
That same year, the activity requires an increase in the storage capacity of the alliums and another building of 1800 m2 is built.

In 2015,
the company joined the association PRODUIT EN BRETAGNE.

In 2017,
IFS certification on the Alliums range obtained in July 2017.

In 2019:
IFS certification on the Ancient Vegetables range.

Numerous projects are underway, including the extension of the order preparation buildings and the vegetable packaging area. This allowed the addition of a line for the production of trays, and the expansion of the refrigerated reception area.

A study is also in progress for the realization of a cell of storage in wet cold for a better conservation of our vegetables after harvest.

In 2023, La Légumière will double the surface area of its administrative offices, for a better quality of work.

In 2022: Implementation of a Chain of Custody (CoC) certification project, which guarantees the traceability of GlobalGAP certified products.

Laurent, Ronan and Frédéric Méar

Producers for La Légumière

Laurent, Ronan and Frédéric Méar have been producing vegetables for La Légumière for many years. The cultivation of Breton vegetables has no more secrets for these three brothers.

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