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Welcome to the website of La Légumière, the specialist of Breton and seasonal vegetables! Discover our range of products (including old vegetables), our local specialties (Roscoff PDO onion, traditional shallots) and our way of conceiving the product, from its production to its marketing. With a permanent objective: to guarantee high quality, impeccable freshness and seasonal products for your greatest pleasure.

Discover the seasonal products

Discover a range of fresh and local products

At La Légumière, seasonal products are essential. We respect the seasonality of the products in our range, to offer you only fresh products, just harvested, next to preserved products (potatoes, shallots, garlic, etc.).

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Chef Nicolas Carro shares his gastronomic vision of Breton vegetables through original recipes and unusual combinations.

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La Légumière is the result of Michel le Borgne’s desire, along with a few producers from León, to launch another approach to Breton vegetables in the early 1990s. Its vision: more reactivity, more independence and the ability to deliver a complete range of Breton products throughout France and Europe. Today, La Légumière continues its commitment to freshness and quality, surrounded by loyal producers of which it is also a part. Indeed, it is because we are producers that we know the products that we market.

A certified and labeled production

Passionate men and women

To guarantee consumers and professionals a range they can trust 100%, La Légumière has obtained several labels, including IFS Food and Agriculture Biologique. In addition, the producers who work with La Légumière have the High Environmental Value, Global Gap and Organic Agriculture certifications.

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