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A 100% Breton and high quality production

Damien Roué

Producer in Plougoulm

Claude Seité

Producer in Saint Pol de léon

Magali Danielou

Producer in Cléder

La Légumière is proud to work with local producers who have a know-how and a concern for quality. Old vegetables have allowed La Légumière to stand out and to promote a unique know-how in the region. The company works in particular with about fifteen producers based in the Pays du Léon. Attached to the quality of the products and their preservation, they work hand in hand with La Légumière to offer a wide range of Breton vegetables all year long.


To symbolize this attachment to the region, La Légumière has been a member of the association Produit en Bretagne since 2015, whose values it shares: ethics, solidarity, respect, openness, boldness and conviviality!

Market gardeners & traders

Passionate men and women

La Légumière is the result of Michel le Borgne’s desire, along with a few producers from León, to launch another approach to Breton vegetables in the early 1990s. Its vision: more reactivity, more independence and the ability to deliver a complete range of Breton products throughout France and Europe. Today, La Légumière continues its commitment to freshness and quality, surrounded by loyal producers of which it is also a part. Indeed, it is because we are producers that we know the products that we market.

A certified and labeled production

Passionate men and women

To guarantee consumers and professionals a range they can trust 100%, La Légumière has obtained several labels, including IFS Food and Agriculture Biologique. In addition, the producers who work with La Légumière have the High Environmental Value, Global Gap and Organic Agriculture certifications.

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